I’ve started a blog. That much is obvious.

But why? Well, a few years ago, I started a different blog about the pursuit of 101 goals, to be accomplished in 1001 days. It’s been fun, but along the way, I’ve experienced a lot of growth as person. The tasks/goals began to feel tedious and I wasn’t enjoying the writing anymore.

The biggest change? I became a runner. And I discovered that the vast majority of the time, I wanted to talk about running. My previous blog wasn’t too well suited to talk about running (at least not all of the time), and it has almost no subscribers. A fresh start seemed like a good idea.

And so here we are. I’m not a very good runner. At best, I’m an average runner. I’m just a regular person. And that’s really my point. As much as I admire the elite runners, those at the front of pack, that’ll never be me. I can admire those people, but I can’t relate to them.

I want to hear more from the regular people. The ones that run for their own personal fulfillment, all the while knowing they’ll never come close to winning a race. And I want to add my own voice to that list of regular people runners.

Cheers to the regular people, out there running every day. I hope you like my blog.


Kayla (aka the Regular Girl)