Now that I’m actually in training mode, I thought that I would start posting my weekly training recaps. While I’m not sure that anyone will find them interesting, it is my hope that someone out there will enjoying reading it and/or benefit from the information!  If not, it still provides me with a great way to review and reflect on how I’m doing in training.

While I’m technically in marathon training right now, my current focus (and where my coach has focused my workouts) has been on my upcoming 10k on January 29th. I have actually never trained specifically for a 10k before, so it’s given me a nice change of pace. While I’ve ran several 10k races, they’ve always been wrapped up into training for a longer race.

After that race, my mileage will really start to build again as I prepare to run my 2nd full marathon. There is also a half marathon that I’m running between the 10k and the marathon, but I’m not planning to run that half marathon at race pace. I’m treating it as my last long run before the marathon (it will be during my marathon taper), so I’m not targeting any training toward that race.

Sunday (1/1): 4 mile recovery run 
This was a recovery run after my long run on Saturday (which was 7.5 miles). It was cold, and I was tired from all of the NYE festivities. As a result, it was REALLY slow going. I was glad that was the whole point of this run, because I don’t think I could have gone much faster than a recovery pace.

Monday (1/2): Rest Day 
Sometimes on my rest days, I’ll do a little yoga or something low key, but I didn’t on this particular day. It was a day off work, so my husband and I went shopping and to see a movie.

Side note: the movie that we saw was Rogue One, and it was REALLY good.

Tuesday (1/3): 4 miles @ easy pace 
It was still cold, and snow was on the way, so I took advantage of being back at work and ran this one on the indoor track at my work gym. My coach indicated that I should run 4-5 easy miles on this day, but because I was running over lunch hour, I kept it at 4 miles so that I’d be back to work on time. The gym is on the complete opposite side of campus from my office, so it takes some time to walk there/back as well as change and shower in the locker room.

Wednesday (1/4): 3 miles @ easy pace 
Today was actually a choice between an easy run or cross training. I wanted to get some more miles in for the week, so I decided to run 3 miles at an easy pace. When given the choice, I will almost always choose running over cross-training. Because I waited until after work, and it was already dark, I ran these miles on a treadmill.

Thursday (1/5): Speed workout 
Thursdays are typically the day of the week that is dedicated to speed work. It’s a different workout every week, which I appreciate (my coach designs the workouts and I just do what she tells me). Anyway, so this particular workout included:

15 minute warm-up (easy jog)
6 sets of: 2 minutes @ hard pace, 1 minute @ recovery pace
15 minute cool down (easy jog)

In total, this was about 4.5 miles. I also completed this workout over my lunch hour at the indoor track. I think I looked at my watch too often to gauge my pace and instead should have just focused on running by feel (if it didn’t feel difficult.. speed up.. etc).

Friday (1/6): Rest Day
Another rest day! I get two of these a week. As with Monday, I usually try to incorporate some sort of light cross training on these days (anything that doesn’t get my heart rate up, usually some gentle yoga or a walk). I did go for a walk to make sure that I got my 10, 000 steps for the day – but otherwise, it was truly a rest day.

Saturday (1/7): 3 miles @ easy pace
I was actually supposed to run 10 miles on Saturday. But the weather was going to be a bit warmer on Sunday (like 24 degrees instead of 14 degrees – but in KS, you take what you can get) and I was feeling a bit drained of energy from working at my second job (fun fact: I have one full time job and two part time jobs) in the morning, so I decided to swap weekend workouts. So I ran what was supposed to be Sunday’s run of 3 easy miles on my treadmill. It felt really good and I was glad that I’d made the decision to complete the shorter run instead.

Sunday (1/8): 10 miles @ easy pace
It was still pretty cold (23 degrees) and windy (1o MPH winds), but we headed out to the trail anyway. My husband and I usually run our long runs together, but he’s been having some leg pain – so he still came with me, but rode his bike instead. The first 3.5 miles of the run were great – my pace was better than it had been all week, and I was keeping it at an easy feel (this is difficult to do sometimes, it’s so tempting to push the pace).

Then, I started having some stomach issues. I stopped twice between miles 4 and 6 (luckily this trail does have bathrooms along the way). I wasn’t sure if I should finish the run as I was still 4 miles away from the car. Since hubby was with me on the bike, he offered to bike back to the car and come pick me up. And that was super tempting! But I felt like I could deal with it as long as I keep the pace slow (which was frustrating as I originally was planning for negative splits – or running my final miles faster than my first miles), but better than cutting the run short and having to finish the rest of the miles on the treadmill later. And really, I think what convinced me was knowing that I’d be sitting in the cold waiting for him, and once I stopped moving, I’d feel REALLY cold. I was better off running back to the car.

So I finished the rest of the miles, and although they weren’t super great, I did manage to make the final mile the fastest mile. And as a bonus, since hubby wasn’t running, he took some photos of me running in the snow. img_5970

The stops and the hit in pace I took while I wasn’t feeling well did slow down my overall time, but it was more important that I got in the miles (especially since this was an easy run, not really about pace anyhow). I’m not sure exactly what happened, as it has been a long time since I’ve dealt with stomach issues while running – but I’m going to experiment with eating a different breakfast and see if that helps.

Have you faced any challenges mid-run? How did overcome them? 

I have a similar schedule planned for this week – so stay tuned for another training recap!