I know – two posts in one day? What?
But yesterday, I got some wonderful news.

I’ve been selected to be a 2017 nuun ambassador (or nuunbassador). This news has me very excited! I applied to become a nuunbassador for one simple reason – I love nuun. And I’m thrilled that they’ve selected me to help promote their products.

This is not a sales pitch. The nuun ambassadors aren’t getting paid to promote nuun. It comes from a genuine belief in the product. But, since we’re here, please allow me to tell you a little bit about nuun.

What is nuun? It’s an electrolyte enhanced drink tab. They have a variety of products, but the one that I use most often is nuun active. That’s because it’s packed with electrolytes to help make up for all that you lose during exercise.

Yes, there’s lots of products designed for that purpose – but nuun is a tablet that you add to water. There are a variety of flavors (my fave is Citrus Fruit), and it doesn’t taste too heavy or overly sweet like so many other sports drinks. It also contains very little sugar, and is gluten free, diary free, and soy free – so it’s vegan and clean eating friendly!

I first experienced nuun when I was training for my first marathon last summer. I went into the local running store because I was bonking on my long runs. Anything longer than 13 miles was basically terrible, and I would end up walking the majority of the later miles. After an 18 miler in which I actually only ran 15 miles and walked the entirety of the last 3 miles, I knew I had to do something differently.

Anyway, so I go to the running store, and we’re talking about my current fueling strategy at that time. The employee at the store was shocked to learn that I was only drinking water during these long and very hot summer runs. He told me (and I knew already, but wasn’t doing anything about it) that I needed to be taking in some electrolytes while running. I explained that drinking a sugary sports drink while running has never agreed with me – and that’s when he suggested nuun. I bought a few different flavors to try.

And I was hooked. As I explained earlier, it doesn’t feel too heavy and it tastes good! I really feel like this change in strategy saved my marathon training, because I was almost ready to quit.

Now, I drink nuun not just during long runs, but anytime I feel like I need an extra boost.

If you do want to try it out, you can find it at your local running store, sporting goods store, and even the grocery store. Or, you can always find them at https://nuunlife.com/.

It’s great for hangovers, too (not that I’ve had any experience…but it does help).