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Training Recap: 1/9-1/15

Another week of training is in the books! The weather (or at least predicted weather) confined me to the treadmill way more than I would have liked, but I did still complete all of my scheduled miles for the week.

Monday (1/9): Rest Day
I did take a short walk in the evening in order to hit my step goal for the day, but otherwise, this was a true rest day. Previously, I’d found myself being incredibly lazy on my rest days and I’ve made it a point to least get the minimum suggested number of steps each day on the days that I’m not running (it’s really easy to get those steps on running days).

Tuesday (1/10): 3 miles @ easy pace + strides
I ran outside over my lunch hour on Tuesday. The goal was to run 3-4 miles, plus a few strides. I was running with a coworker of mine whose last day of work was Friday, so this was our last lunch run together. It was quite sad, but I’m happy that he’s moving on to the next phase in his life (he retired). We ran 3 miles, and then I finished up with a few strides.

Wednesday (1/11): 4 miles @ easy pace 
Today was, like last week, a choice between an easy run or cross training. It was unseasonably warm (60 degrees!) and they were calling for a major ice storm to hit over the weekend, so I got outside one more time before the weather changed. This was another lunch-hour run. It was a lovely 4 miles with an average pace of 10:19 min/mile. It felt so nice to have a little taste of spring!

Side Note: It definitely doesn’t feel like spring anyway. It’s 30 degrees today. 

Thursday (1/12): Speed workout 
Another Thursday, another speed work day! It had gotten much colder outside, although not unbearable, but I still completed my run on the indoor track. It’s much easier to complete the speed work on the track, and my coach has planned each speed day based on it being a track workout. So here was the plan for this week:

1 mile warm-up (easy jog)
3 sets of: 200 meters (1 lap), 200 meters, 400 meters (2 laps) @ target pace of 1:10/lap
1 mile cool down (easy jog)

In total, this was about 3.5 miles. I had a lot of fun with this workout. I was able to hit the target pace on all of laps, and actually was quicker than target pace for most of them. It helped that my coach instructed me to take a 3 minute break in-between sets. Since I was fully recovered after each set, I didn’t struggle to complete the subsequent sets.

Friday (1/13): Rest Day
Another rest day! Yay!

Saturday (1/14): 8 miles @ easy pace
So, the ice storm that was predicted didn’t ever really arrive, but the sidewalks were still slick. So, it was a treadmill day. It was very difficult for me to get started, because I was dreading running on the treadmill. But once I got started, I most fine for the most part. At 6.5 miles, I started to get impatient, but tried to keep the pace easy (so tempting to just up the speed and get done faster!).

Anyway, this was my long run for the week. Next week I’ll be doing a mini-taper for my upcoming 10k, so my long run will only be around 6ish miles. I have never tapered for a 10k in the past, but I’ve never had a coach before or trained specifically for the 10k distances, so it’s nice to have someone planning it all for me!

Sunday (1/15): 4 miles @ recovery pace
Once again, the silly ice was still on the sidewalks (although the roads were fine, despite predictions for a terrible terrible storm), so I ran on the treadmill just to be safe. After running 8 miles on the treadmill the previous day, 4 miles didn’t feel so bad. But I still struggle to stay motivated when I knew my coach was right there, just waiting for me to go lounge!

And now we’re moving on to a new week! Well, it’s already the new week, but I had a day off yesterday and just relaxed – so I didn’t take the time to write this recap. My week is much busier than normal, so I’ll have to get creative with scheduling to get in all my miles. Stay tuned!


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