Last week’s training recap is coming to you on a very special day. No, it’s not special because it’s Monday. It’s special because it’s my birthday! And not just any birthday.

It’s my 30th birthday! Does that make me a real adult now? I’m not sure that it does, but just go with it, okay?

Monday (1/16): Rest Day
This was a day off work for me – yay! I walked on the treadmill for about 45 minutes to get those daily steps out of the way. It was at a very leisurely pace (20 min/mile) and it was quite relaxing. Since it was raining, I had the blinds open and watched the rain as I walked.

My dog sat on the floor nearby and stared at me like a weirdo.

Tuesday (1/17): 3 miles @ easy pace + strides
I couldn’t make up my mind as to whether I should run outside or on the indoor track. Since the indoor track is available to me, it’s really tempting to use, even when it’s really not that cold outside. Since my lunch-time running partner (the one that didn’t retire) was dealing with a head cold and was going to run inside, I decided to join her.

I ran 3 miles at an easy pace (and actually kept it easy, which I sometimes forget), and then ended the run with 4 strides (short speed bursts, about 100 meters each).

Then I promised myself that I would make it a point to run outside this weekend, because I need to be running some hills in preparation for the marathon. Since the 10k course that I’m running next week is flat, it’s not an immediate concern, but I do need to mix up the elevation.

Wednesday (1/18): Cross Training
I was supposed to either A) Run 3 miles at an easy pace or B) Cross train. I really prefer to run on Wednesdays instead of cross train so that I add some miles to my weekly total. But on this day, it was just so busy! I had been out late with friends on Tuesday night, and the only time that I really had to run on Wednesday was before work. I had lunch plans and an event to attend immediately after work that was going to go fairly late.

Anyway, when the alarm went off at 5:00am, I decided that I needed some more sleep. And it was true. The additional sleep was more necessary than the miles. I have to accept that sometimes, life happens, and you have to make adjustments.

When I did get home from the evening event, I completed a brisk walk (about 20 minutes). I didn’t want to do anything too intense right before bed but wanted to at least get in some sort of activity.

Side note: The evening event was participating as an extra in a television commercial. Seriously! It’s a local commercial, not a national one, but it will air during the Superbowl. It’s a commercial for our local Major League Soccer team (we’re season ticket holders). 

Thursday (1/19): Speed workout
I had never done any speed work until just last month, but these are quickly becoming my favorite running days of the week. It’s still not something I’m used to doing, so the newness of it makes it interesting and fun!  This week’s speed work included:

10 minute warm-up
2 sets of 10 laps (each at 1:10/lap pace)
10 minute cool-down

Last week, I did not struggle at all to meet that pace goal. In fact, I was under the pace goal for the vast majority of my laps. Today, I just couldn’t quite get there. The majority of my laps were around 1:13/lap. I could try and make excuses and say that I was running in the middle lane, but really, it doesn’t make THAT much of a difference.

But I did complete the run, and my pace was really consistent for each lap, which was something to celebrate since I’m usually all over the map with my pacing. Despite being shy of the target pace, I still enjoyed the workout and feel like it was a good one.

Friday (1/20): Rest Day
Another rest day! Yay!

Saturday (1/21): Long Run @ easy pace
I was supposed to run 60-80 minutes. So, I ended up running for about 76 minutes, which was 7.5 miles. I did make it out to my normal trail, which was a nice change from running inside all week. It was a cold start, but then the sun came out and I actually started to feel overheated toward the end.

The trail was busy, I’m guessing because the sun hadn’t been out in days and we finally had a bit of sunshine! Unfortunately, now it’s back to cloud and fog, with zero sunshine.

Sunday (1/22): 3-5 miles @ easy pace (+ strides)
I still decided to complete this run outside, although it was colder and windier than it was on Saturday. I ran on a trail a little closer to home, and got in a good 4 miles, followed up by 6 strides. Because it was cold and windy, it was tough to keep the pace easy because I wanted to get done faster! But I did manage to keep the pace easy.

I really hope these strides and the several weeks of speed-work Thursdays will help me achieve my 1ok goal pace on Sunday! All of this week will be focused on preparing for that race.