I know that I didn’t do a training recap last week. That’s because I’ve only ran twice in the last two weeks. I just haven’t been feeling well and I haven’t had much energy.

I think I was just trying to do too much – and not just with running. I currently work 3 jobs (one full time job + two part time jobs), and I’m just tired. I also ran 23 races last year. In October and November alone, I ran one full marathon and 4 half marathons (and a 5k).

So, I’m allowing myself to take a break. I didn’t register for the Garmin Marathon like I originally planned, and that’s okay. I’m considering running the half instead, because I still have plenty of time to train for that distance even with a break.

I still love running. But I’m a regular girl, and a honest girl, and it’s okay to admit when something you love starts to run you down. It’s okay to admit that you’ve raced too much and you need a break.

Have you ever needed a break?