I’m determined to be one bad mother runner.
And I mean that literally. A mother runner.

In case you’re still not following, I’m pregnant.

Remember when I stopped running because I just wasn’t feeling it and I hadn’t been feeling myself?

Oh yeah, that was actually morning sickness (that lasted all day – the term morning sickness is the worst misnomer in history, I’m telling you).

I haven’t ran in at least 6 weeks.. yikes! But my doctor says that now that I’m transitioning out of the first trimester and feeling better, I can get back into running if I want too. And I want too.

So now that I’m doctor approved, I just have to make it happen.

But first things first.
I’m going to start of slowly. Like, mostly walking, and then work my way back up to running.

Anyway, in case you wondering where I’ve been… now you know. šŸ™‚